“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision.”

~ Muhammad Ali

Private Sessions

Working one on one with me and my horse partners you will learn to quiet all the negative voices in your head and find peace, confidence and wholeness. Horses are wise and compassionate teachers. In an individual session, I will guide you through an experience with the horse that will help you identify and release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, build confidence, learn how to discover and communicate your highest goals, and lead you back to your truest self. (90 min sessions)

Zoom Sessions

Can’t make it to the barn?  Or need help in between your equine sessions? We can meet over zoom to discuss your challenges and goals and work together to find your best path forward. This is a great way to reinforce the insights you gained from your time with the horses. (30-60 min sessions)

Family Sessions

These sessions provide a way for parents and teens/young adults to explore their relationship in a safe and non-judgmental way. Through guided interaction with the horses, families learn new ways to effectively communicate and grow closer. (2-3 hour sessions)

Group Coaching

In this small group experience, participants connect with each other and the horses. In doing so, they understand themselves in a new way and gain a clear vision of their unique values and gifts. The connection with other group members and the horses will quietly transform your life over the course of the weekly sessions.
(90 minute sessions)


High school, college and professional groups love fun activities with the horses. Groups interested in maximizing group formation, leadership and their individual and team performance can schedule a one day workshop with me and my horses. We will explore group dynamics, develop collaborative skills and resolve interpersonal challenges through interactive exercises with the horses. These workshops help participants develop the modern competencies universities and workplaces seek — the ability to make good decisions in complex situations, navigate ambiguity and collaborate and learn from differences within a team. (4-8 hours)


One to three day group experiences that offer a quiet and calming place to heal, reconnect with yourself and open your heart to the wisdom of horses. Through activities, coaching and reflections you will learn to trust your intuition, communicate honestly and clearly, set appropriate boundaries and, most importantly, live in the present moment.


What They Say

Michele helped me delve into my past to gain clarity and awareness about my family dynamics.  Her calm and confident presence through this work was everything I needed.  Thank you!

— Katie

Michele did a fabulous job of helping her client understand her family structure, creating clarity for the client and peace with her family. Michele is gentle, intuitive and asks exactly the right questions to benefit her client.

— Lizette

Michele is an absolutely amazing coach.  She has the beautiful ability of keeping her clients safe and knowing they are deeply heard and seen.  I was deeply supported by Michele and I highly recommend her to all people searching for a safe place.

— Jennifer

Michele is a natural coach who creates a safe and inviting space for clients to dig deep and move towards the goals in their lives.

— Tracy